This semester I really came to appreciate the power of storytelling. References, allusions, and intertextual connections in which promote narrative complexity can be used in so many differing and revealing ways. I can remember signing-up for this class and really not knowing what transmedia storytelling entailed. I could break the words down… trans and media and stories, cool, got it. I could go to Wikipedia and read-up on the subject. Even better, I thought I had the picture down and conceptualized. While this is all good and true, I indubitably lacked the experience of actually doing. The final project was a unique experience that really stretched my mind, it forced me to think as the storyteller, the puppet master, and in a crazy sense, the story’s supreme being.

Transmedia storytelling is so cool because of all the goodies that come-along with it: collaboration, collective knowledge, transnational interactions, adoption of new media, and the hope that one day we can say that our newspapers are not dumbed-down or written in a vacuous fashion. With practice, hopefully transmedia stories will sharpen our minds in addition to enhancing our lives.

One thing though, this class was really trippy for me. Stories are everywhere and one could stoop to obsess in these alternate realities—we must make sure the wrong people don’t covertly use these innovative and very manipulative techniques.

Anyone else notice how ironic the word mystery is? If history is like “his” “story” (or “her” “story” if you’re one of those), then how cool is it that mystery resembles “my” “story” so closely? !!!

To view my final project, the link is here: https://sites.google.com/site/thebullslaststand/

Also, did anyone complete Delwiche’s ARG? For the life of me I can’t figure out, locate, or make-sense of some of the tidbits.

I’m glad I had the opp to share and collaborate with everyone this semester, thanks… fun times. 🙂

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