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What is Written Cannot Be Unwritten

  Just count how many stories are being referenced here…  Perhaps it’s because I want to be a writer or perhaps it’s because I truly believe there is something especially magical about the power of storytelling, but I freaking LOVE … Continue reading

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“Every Who Down in Whoville, the Tall and the Small…”

Having never heard of the Doctor Who phenomenon, I approached our “Doctor Who week” with an open—and curious—mind. After consuming a healthy amount of Doctor Who, I found it to be an enjoyable, at times thrilling, franchise with one weak … Continue reading

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Dreaming Crazy on Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is the sort of movie that even as you are watching it for the first time you understand that it is something that has to be viewed more than once. This seems to be especially true at the … Continue reading

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Mulholland Drive: Back to Square 10

Mulholland Dr. is more aptly named Mulholland Culdesac, in my eyes. As the movie begins, you start near the end, square 10. As the movie progresses you move backwards to square 1, and then abruptly back to the beginning (which … Continue reading

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