the end….sadly

I remember telling you that I didn’t want to offend you in any way but that I was really having a hard time being interested in anything covered in the class. This was at the beginning when we discussed things I had never even heard about. At first, I hated this class and thought we had WAY too much to do. My least favorite part was when we had to play Planetfall. I couldn’t get past a certain part of the game. When we had to create our own game, I was frustrated because I had so many issues with everything. After finally completing my game, I was pretty amazed that I had created something like that. I never imagined myself creating any type of game. I thought it was pretty cool.

Watching Dr. Who, The Game, and working on our final projects completely changed my mind about this class. I enjoyed the last month or so of class and found everything really interesting. While at first I regretted registering for this class, I am now happy I took it. I explored areas that I never would have explored on my own. I think when a class can open a students eyes and mind to new things, that is when it is a great class.

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  1. i could relate to this somewhat with my class. i didn’t have much interest in my class at first but then after a while, it got more interesting as more classes went by. i wonder how did dr. who and the game change your envision on the class and how did it become more interesting and fun for you?

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