Reality 2.0

Throughout the class, every media that we consumed attempted to redefine its method of consumption. Mullholland Drive forced its audience to assemble the narrative, and ever since the boundaries of creator and audience have become obliterated. The model of fiction/media that we followed in class continued to resemble reality more and more, and soon enough the question of whether or not a game was “real” became much less profound, because, of course, games and fantasies influence the people playing or dreaming them. It’s just a matter of making the most vivid and lucid fantasies possible through more direct and memorable choices and decisions demanded by the game.

My personal contribution to the end of the class was a Choose Your Own Adventure story that sought to integrate an incredible range of outcomes following from a single situation: you forming a band. This could be done through competition and community, or isolation and idiosyncrasy, or you could even choose to forgo the aspect of being in a band completely, and settle some personal issues. While complete freedom would of course take too much time to contrive, the story strove to give players decisions instead of possibilities to heighten the pressure of every decision. Reality itself does not offer its participants a complete range of freedom as well, although the Game Master has planned for a very broad stream of narratives.

Links to extraneous materials for the project:

The Kooky Kongress’ Myspace

(and the snippet recorded for the band can be found here or here. Myspace itself is acting finicky, although my log-in already lists the song as uploaded and playable.)

The Synthesizer Thespians Myspace

(and the remix composed for them can be found here, or here. Ditto earlier myspace comment.)

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