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the end….sadly

I remember telling you that I didn’t want to offend you in any way but that I was really having a hard time being interested in anything covered in the class. This was at the beginning when we discussed things … Continue reading

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More than Unwritten

For not being a comic fan, I must say that I really enjoyed The Unwritten. I thought the story was very interesting and I think that the writers did a phenomenal job when it came to incorporating all the clues … Continue reading

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Go away Floyd!

Floyd is an annoying robot that acts like a 5 year old kid. You know, the tagging-along-millions-of-questions little kid? Yea, that one. I immediately got frustrated with the constant messages informing me of his boredom. Floyd, if you are bored … Continue reading

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WHO that?

I think it is because I’m not British that I had never even heard of Dr. Who. I enjoyed watching the episode that we saw in class; however, the radio broadcast was very boring because I couldn’t witness any of … Continue reading

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the forgotten unforgettable birthday

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mind rattling and mind blowing…..

The movie Mulholland Drive is a very interesting one. The sequence of events is so unexplainable that when the movie ends, there’s an overwhelming feeling of confusion and shock. Throughout the whole movie, there is no background information on the … Continue reading

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Well hello there

I’m Wendy Hernandez. I am a Senior here at TU and am majoring in Marketing and Communication. I am a McNair Scholar and do research in the summer, President and Captain of the Trinity Women’s Lacrosse team, Co-chair of Student … Continue reading

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