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Final (wow) blog!

Well, I have to say that most of the time in this class I felt really out-of-the-loop, what with all the talk of sci-fi, comics, video games, and such. That being said, I still really enjoyed the class! Never have I … Continue reading

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Tommy, er, I mean Tom Taylor and Unwritten

I, like many other people in the class, never read comic books before Unwritten, and I too was surprised at how much I enjoyed them. The beginning especially was more rooted in reality, and I thought that made it easier … Continue reading

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Sorry Floyd

I’m a Floyd fan. I know many people found him annoying, but I thought he was adorable and provided some needed comic relief. I thought all his random little comments and actions were funny. He was a lot like a … Continue reading

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GoodFellas’ Tommy Goes Camping!

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Who is Doctor Who?

After having experienced the different Doctor Who media platforms, I would have to say that I found the Blood of the Cybermen game to be the least satisfying. I never have been a videogame player, aside from Mortal Combat when … Continue reading

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I often watch movies more than once, usually just because I want to enjoy them again, but there are some movies that have to be watched a second time (possibly more) just to be understood. I think everybody is in … Continue reading

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My Introduction

Hi, my name is Kristen Mancillas. I am a junior and a studio art major, and am interested in a film studies minor. This is my first ever blog. I’ve never been one to be up-to-date technology-wise. I did get … Continue reading

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