The End

Transmedia Storytelling was truly a bright spot in an otherwise dreary, common-curriculum-filled semester.  I’ve never had a class cater to and expand so many of my interests (though Media Interpretation with Dr. Delwiche last semester sure came close). Even when I felt out of my element during discussions on gaming, science fiction, and comic books, I also felt at ease because of the approachable way that the class was taught and formatted. The amount of times Lost and Arrested Development were mentioned alone ensured that I would enjoy myself, but my appreciation of the class went a lot deeper than that. The projects (especially the Quest text-adventure) were completely foreign to me, butI was never bored or (overly) frustrated. My favorite memories from the class are from the Mulholland Dr./narrative complexity unit—all of which I found fascinating.

The final project was fun to complete. It took a lot of time, but I was happy with how my website turned out (though I couldn’t help but feel put to shame by everyone else’s amazing work—those presentations were awesome even at 8:30 a.m.). I really enjoyed imagining a fan-base for my Abner Buckley text-adventure game then basing my site off of their fictional anticipation and desires. I was also really glad to learn the basics of Dreamweaver. My project can be found at or by clicking this link.

Dr. Delwiche- Thank you for another fun and fascinating class.

Out of habit, here’s a relevant link: I recently became obsessed with Jason Mittell’s TV blog. You should check it out to see a lighter side of one of our TLearn PDF scholars.

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