Remember How I Cried After Every Class?

Okay, not really. I did cry after watching Mulholland Drive (mostly because my mind just blew up) and I always left the class shook up but I didn’t cry after every class… Man, a powerful story can really send chills down my spine.

Transmedia Storytelling really reawakened me to my love of art and stories. I know I’ve mentioned this before but this class has so much cohesion with my 19th century art class. Weird, I know but the 19th century was by far one of the most revolutionary centuries that we have seen with the expansion of the world, civil wars going left and right and new ideas emerging about the practice of art and the power of perception with the eyes and with the lens. Today’s contemporary society is the only one that can compete at the moment and only ten years have gone by and our whole society has changed with the internet and the understanding of transmedia. It’s fascinating to see these changes in 19th century and relate them back to our century and what’s happening with art today. We’re moving fast, son!

Also, I love how Delwiche gives us projects that are a lot of work but never feel like it. I’m always complaining about stupid common curriculum one page papers but when I have to write five or six along with a difficult project for Delwiche, it just feels natural. Plus this class gives me so much cred with the gentlemen. Who doesn’t love a geeky chic that reads comics?

One thing I don’t understand is why Delwiche is leaving us for a semester? That doesn’t seem right. Especially since its my last one 😦 I did cry after class about that one.

Oh yeah, TOMMY AND LIZZIE FOREVER!! Go to our site and make some comments on our works. I actually want to make the song and sing it sometime so be sure to look out for it (or maybe not…). Our project was the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. I think I re-read the comic books everyday (and I await patiently for issue 20) and I thought about this project non-stop. Even when I had no good ideas coming to mind I screwed around on everyone else’s site. Lindsay, Erica and I work really well together and I’ve done other projects/sorority stuff with them so there were no big bumps in the road. However, Lindsay might re-think this after I posted that embarassing photo of her. Want to see another one?

I fully expect her to post something just as embarrassing as this. Bring it.

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