Good times, guys. Good times.

I wish I could just keep taking this class for the rest of my time at Trinity.  We watched crazy movies, learned about the nuts and bolts of storytelling, and I even made a comic! I never thought I would make a comic. Along the way, I was made aware of Buck Rogers’ existence, I found the craziest rabbit hole I’ve ever come across, and realized I needed to see Star Wars. My favorite in-class moment is a toss up between our collaborative story with the hamster and laughing along with the cheesy-yet-impressive Star Trek fan fiction.

The highlight of the class though, and possibly of my entire time at Trinity, was creating our final project.  I got more excited every time we discussed the plot and added new wrinkles, and though nobody won the game, I don’t think I’ll ever forget creating it.  Thanks again to Dr. Delwiche for making the game possible with the generous extra credit offer.  I’ll be paying a lot more attention to the transmedia elements of stories from now on, and maybe someday I’ll create more of my own.  Thanks again for a great few months.


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