Information for the Stupidity Conspiracy

In case you haven’t gotten enough of the Stupidity Conspiracy, here are the links to our awesomeness.

Our Game

Also, here is the debriefing message that was sent out to the gamers:

A Debriefing on the Stupidity Conspiracy

On Thursday December 9, 2010 at 6:30, three Trinity students launched their alternate reality game, the Stupidity Conspiracy. An email was sent out to Dr. Delwiche’s students inviting them to come to a lecture by a guest speaker by the name of Dr. Nicolas J. Valentine, who was a fabricated character of the game creators. He was created to give a face to the game and as a character for the players to play as through the course of the game. An advertisement for the lecture was placed in Leeroy, and a Facebook event was also created. The game creators were hopeful that if they had a large sample field of players in their game, at least one of them would complete the game.

The object of the game was to become familiar with the history of our game through the fake site, play the text-based Google Sites game that would explain the plot and purpose of our game, discover the hidden conspiracy site, and then translate the virtual game into a real-life gaming experience. In the conspiracy site, there were two pictures, a scanned incident report, and a video message. The video message depicted a crazy, ranting person who was supposed to have discovered a conspiracy about the company Thermal Neutron. Within the video, there were clues that would help players translate the game from the computer to a real-life game. The person in the video rambled about numbers, which were 30, 12, and 26. There was also a flashing frame at the end of the video that, when paused at the right time, would reveal these same numbers. He also mentioned a green lock. The game designers’ hope was that the players would put these clues together and understand that there was a green lock somewhere with the combination 30-12-36. To find out where this lock is, the players needed to examine the two pictures on the site. In the first, there was someone in the background of the clearly-marked Dickie Art Building putting something in a locker. In the second, there was a strange figure that seemed to be disappearing. The green lock with the combination was therefore located in the hallway in the Dickie Art Building. In the locker was hidden a Stupidity Bomb with a message to email the game creators upon its discovery.

The game designers of the Stupidity Conspiracy decided that the hardest part for our gamers and the reason why no one ultimately discovered the real-life component to our game was because the jump from a computer-based game to a real-life game is an extremely hard jump to make, a harder jump than the game designers had anticipated. They had included clues that they thought would make this jump easier, such as placing the date of December 12, 2010 in the text-based Google sites game or putting a picture of the Dickie Art Building on the conspiracy site. They also sat in on the event on Thursday night, pretending to be other students attending the lecture, observing the players’ reactions, and encouraging players with hints. The game designers would like to thank the players of the game for participating and hope that in the future, they are on the lookout for more ARG opportunities so that they can have the fulfilled experience of making that jump from virtual gaming to real-life gaming.


The Creators of the Stupidity Conspiracy
Lyndsey Johnson, Shep McAllister, and Laura Schluckebier

If you have any questions regarding your experience of the game, you may contact the creators at the following email addresses:,, and

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