Served: The Game Behind Grandpa’s Pie

So our project is over. We hope you guys enjoyed playing Grandpa’s Pie/Served.  We will now give you some details.

We wanted to do this game because we were eager to implement all the thing we learned about ARGs in the most real-world fashion that we could afford for this project.  We wanted to stress the physical challenges and the presentation and our project would be the same thing.  The experience, we feel, is the most important thing.

We wanted immersion, which is the reason for the Grandpa’s Pie ruse.  It would add depth.  Jane McGonigal mentions EA’s game “The Majestic” where the company pretended that the game could not start because there was a fire at EA, but this was in fact the start of the ARG.

The Grandpa’s Pie page was pretty much all fake.  If you thumb through it, you can find parallels between what we told you was going to happen and what actually happened.  We now have, at the bottom, links to our subpages with all the real data. And here is the link to our main site, from which you can navigate: BAM!

As far as riddles go, we were trying to make them fun, a bit challenging, and applicable to the theme of Served. In case you missed any of it, we will be posting all of the materials so you can see the full depth of the story.

One of our biggest challenges was coordination of the performance.  You guys were very interesting to watch because you did things differently than we thought you would.  Also, the coordination of our preparations was tough.  We had to talk endlessly about where things were, where they led, and the such.

We all agree that this class was the  We loved it.  It taught us about different forms of storytelling, expanded our capabilities with stories – reading and writing – and it gave us new perspectives of gaming, comic books, movies, television, and stories in general.

Also, this: Jane McGonigal rocks.  Watch that video. Gamers are going to rule the world.

Also, she’s pretty cute. You don’t have to agree, but her mind is amazing.



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