Over the river and down the Rabbit Hole

This class has been a joy to be in! I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from it, but I knew since it was a Delwiche class that it would be amazing! And I was right!

Remember Mulholland Dr.? Feels like sooo long ago...

Remember Mulholland Dr.? Feels like sooo long ago...

I felt that there was a good balance between bringing in narratives that people knew about and ones that were new to everyone. I truly felt comfortable talking about my obsessions and finding people that were obsessed with similar things! I was also introduced to new things such as The Unwritten or Doctor Who. It definitely got me into graphic novels and all of my nerdy shows again.

I loved the assignments because they were all creative ones that we could each put a twist on. There was the Salience movie shot project, Pixton, Interactive Fiction, and then our final monster project (oh, and don’t forget about the extra credit…). Even though there were guidelines, Delwiche always wanted our own creativity to shine through and for us to make our own mark on projects. The writing component made me think more about the choices I had made and tied in everything that we read for the semester. Everything I learned about was awesome! ARGs, interactive fiction, different types of stories, transmedia theories, it ALL blows my mind and makes me happy! You can tell that Delwiche definitely designed this class that had cohesive assignments but also readings that backed up his teachings and methods.

William Shatner FTW

William Shatner FTW

I think it’s great that we have a professor like Delwiche who will teach us more about the world around us. How many times have you watched Family Guy now and tried to look for contextual information? Or re-watched coveted movies or shows and find clues within the show? This class had made the whole transmedia experience different for us now; we are more aware of what is going on around us.

Thermal Neutron Site

Thermal Neutron Site

Our final project was awesome! I was privileged to be in a great group with Laura and Shep, and we all worked great together! Even though no one really finished our game, I feel as though we were totally successful because we were so believable! I would love to hopefully make another ARG in the future and test it out again over a period of time, and now I have the knowledge to do so thanks for Transmedia!

I thank you again Dr. Delwiche for being awesome, and I hope everyone had as great a time in this class as I did 🙂

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