Out with a bang…and pizza!

I really had no idea to what to expect when I signed up for this class, but I have to say I was surprised how much I would gain from it. I honestly didn’t know I would learn as much about narratives and storytelling as I did, or at least I didn’t realize how little I’d actually thought about it before. Although many times I felt out of the loop, (in terms of the sci-fi references and video games) it was good to broaden my horizons to areas of entertainment I hadn’t yet experienced.

This final project was a great ending to the class, and seemed to sum up the semester’s learning in an interesting, and actually fun, way. Even though I’m a terrible actress, as you all have now seen first-hand, I had a lot of fun with my group putting it together and bouncing ideas off of each other. I’ve also never laughed so hard as watching Kristen’s fake blogs. It was also just a cool to see firsthand the kind of problems game-makers and storytellers face when putting together their projects. But bravo to all the groups, I was impressed with all the creative ideas people came up with, and the intricacies with which people included in their stories/games. The last group put in a ton of effort, and it was definitely a cool experience to be able to participate in their game. Overall, though, I really enjoyed the presentations, and being able to hear groups explain their thought process, and to see how much thought they gave to their characters and plots.

All the movies/shows we watched (Mulholland Drive, Dr. Who, The Game) were some of my favorite parts, because they were great examples to allude to the concepts we were reading about in the articles, and tied in nicely. I’m also glad that I was exposed to these types of genres that I typically don’t watch on my own, but now am more interested in. Also, Unwritten was awesome, and that truly was the first comic book I’ve ever read, so it was quite a good one to start with.

To sum up my last blog, I’d just like to thank Dr. Delwiche for all the time and energy I know he put into making this class successful, and keeping us up-to-date on things via e-mail all the time – it was very helpful in keeping on top of stuff. I had a lot of fun in this class and learned a bunch of useful things about storytelling and how to create websites and games, etc. I also think I learned a lot just from the people in the class, which is a pretty cool thing as well. Hope everyone has a great break!

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