Alas…It’s Time to Part.

Well, this semester is finally over. It damn near killed me (in general)…whoever said senior year was a cake walk is a liar!! At least about first semester.

Transmedia Storytelling ended up being a really fun class for me. At first impression, I was definitely frustrated because I felt that my extreme lack of sci-fi knowledge was going to severely inhibit my learning in this course. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I really had no idea how creatively I could think before I took this course. I knew that I always liked stories…but I had never taken any sort of creative writing, gaming, programming, etc. type class before. Transmedia Storytelling molded everything into one.

Our final project, “Where’s (Waldo) Kristenn?” was actually really fun to put together. Yes, it was work. Although…compared to some of our other classmates I feel kind of inadequate…oh well…that’s Trinity I guess. Overall, I was really pleased with how our group worked together. This was probably the only group project I’ve worked on that I’ve felt as though our work was distributed evenly. I didn’t even have to think about other group member’s responsibilities…everyone was really on top of their part of the project. (What a relief!)

Our presentation went less than desirably…but you know, oh well. We did what we could with the time we were allotted (as Wendy pointed out during our presentation). I think that our group was able to create a fun (and entertaining) mystery plot that really did incorporate several different media outlets. I was pleased with our ideas and how linear the story was. I also was proud of our time accuracy–we really wanted the story to take place in the present and be accurately timed. In order to do this, we had to really be on top of the fake Facebook and video blogs.

In the end, I’m really happy I took this course. Sometimes I felt like I was drowning in the work (because of my other courses too). However, I am really pleased with how much I developed my creative thinking skills–they will surely come in handy in life from this point forward!!

Thanks a lot Dr. Delwiche, you’re awesome.


About elliesepiphanies

I am a senior at Trinity University. I am a Communication major, and I have started this blog for my Transmedia Storytelling class.
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