More than Unwritten

For not being a comic fan, I must say that I really enjoyed The Unwritten. I thought the story was very interesting and I think that the writers did a phenomenal job when it came to incorporating all the clues and secrets. I like how we follow Tom on his journey to discover how he is Tommy Taylor and learns about his abilities.

It is clever how the writers reveal what is going on through the different stories involved but also through the impacts of the actions. We see how the fans of Tommy either hate or support Tom after the revelation at the conference. We also see how the media transmits the information and news through various mediums. By doing this, it helps the reader understand exactly how famous and popular Tommy is in this world. This is a great example of how the media works in our world when it finds out about a celebrity. There are news reports, blogs, websites, newspapers, etc. all providing more information on the matter. They also show how some fans are affected by their obsession a little too much.

These fans immerse themselves in the story and can’t distinguish real life from story. The daughter of the governor is too caught up in the Tommy fantasy that she ends up losing her life due to it. This relates to the immersion idea that McGonigal presented in “This Is Not A Game.”  She discussed how some people who participated in the Beast got really involved in the game. It came to a point where the players couldn’t go about their daily lives without thinking that everything related or had to do with the game. They looked for clues in their everyday lives.  This is a point that I brought up in my last assignment.

I believe that playing or reading fantasies is a way for kids and adults to use their imagination and have some fun with it. I understand that people get pleasure out of these things, I mean I’m like that with Harry Potter and True Blood. However, there are some people who get too immersed. It becomes dangerous because they then make decisions based on these stories or games in which they are participating in. Some lose their jobs or relationships because all they do or think about is or has to do with it. This is when immersion becomes dangerous and can lead to the destruction of the person, which is what happened to Cosi. It is sad for parents, or anyone close to that person, to see the destruction of their persona, and in the worst cases, their death.

The writers, like I mentioned before, do a great job of incorporating the clues that Tom needs to find. He is not allowed to continue to the next event until he witnesses or discovers what his dad wanted him to. Once he has achieved this, he can use the clue to move on to the next event of the story. Several concepts can be found here.

To begin, Costikyan’s idea that events in a story are like beads on a string, definitely applies here. Each event is a bead that Tom must explore in order to find the string that connects that event to the next one. This also explains why I think that the story is developed in a linear path, having one direction. In my opinion, it is a Dorothy story because Tom has no control over what is going on, he doesn’t even have a clue. His father is the one that, in a very creepy way, is controlling the events and the path that he must take in order to discover who he is.

I really did enjoy reading this, something that surprised me. It is interesting to see how all the concepts that we have discussed tie together in this excellent and captivating story.

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