Falling Off the Planet

After experiencing Planetfall, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it very much. I think part of my bias towards the game is that there are no amazing graphics. Just text, text, and more text. Not only was it hard to navigate through a map you cannot even see, some of the commands entered in the game hade to be pretty specific. Perhaps if I were to live in the time when this game was first created, I would not be so critical of it. I often had to resort to walkthrough available on the internet because I was completely confuse. I must admit, at times this game really frustrated me.

As for Floyd the robot; I wonder why he was even placed into the game.  A majority of the time he would say irrelevant things and just annoy me even further. When I first met him in the robot shop, I was aware of his antics and personality from class discussion. However, Floyd managed to ascend beyond classroom descriptions and came off as a pest rather than a helpful aid.  I didn’t get to play the game as much as I would have liked to but maybe if I did I would have come to like Floyd.  When I stopped playing the game, I still just wanted Floyd to go away. I failed to develop a closer relationship to him and in truth, I didn’t really want to.

If I were to create an interactive fiction adventure game, I would undoubtedly make it better than Planetfall.  To enhance the storytelling and make it more compelling, I would first appeal to the other senses of the player. Instead of just text, I would create a game that came with headphones for audio sounds and character voices. Furthemore, I would add voice commands through a microphone attached to the headphones. By appealing to all the senses, except sight, the interactive fiction and storytelling prose within the game will seem more realistic and likeable. In the case of NPC’s and I would make them to exhibit different expressions and personalities than Floyd. For example, I would create NPC’s who could often give informative advice and guidance throughout the game.  Simliar to the relationshp Link and his fairy, Navi, have in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; my NPC would offer valuable tips that help the player if he is lost in the game.

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