Across Time, Universe and Mediums

After experiencing the story of Dr. Who through a variety of storytelling mediums, I can easily see how this could be an example of a transmedia story. Out of the four that we experienced I thought that the video game, Blood of the Cybermen, was both the least satisfying and generally most boring component of the story. More than any of the other aspects I thought that the video game did not really serve to advance the plot of the story or add a new layer to my understanding of the Dr. Who world. Part of this might be because in general I am not very partial to video games. I am not used to that way of consuming a story, for this reason I progressed through the game extremely slowly. Even without the technical difficulties which may be another drawback to this media, I still found the experience rather frustrating and therefore could not appreciate storytelling.
In Henry Jenkins’ article Searching for the Origami Unicorn, he asserts that one of the most important components of a complete transmedia story is the ability of each medium to perform to its highest potential. I think that this is one of the reasons that the Dr. Who franchise is not an example of a completely successful transmedia story. While all of the mediums that we consumed aimed to expand the narrative and world, they were unable to do this in a way that enhanced the overall story.
Of all the mediums that we consumed I thought that the most effective was the television show Blink. It was obvious that this was the way the story was designed to be experienced. The show was able to convey a depth to the story in an interesting and engaging way that no other medium was able to provide. The radio broadcast was also interesting, but I think as a modern audience it is a way we are not used to consuming and therefore had more trouble understanding. In the visually saturated society in which we usually consume media, we were simply not as used to listening to a radio broadcast as a way of understanding a narrative. It is not that this is necessarily a weakness of the story, but rather a weakness of the modern audience.
“The World Shapers” comic that we read was another example of a relatively strong piece of the Dr. Who story. I thought that it stood alone better than the radio broadcast as a medium from the more interesting television show. It was good at conveying a longer story and of all the other gave the longest and most complete inside to the Dr. Who world. The one weakness of the tv show was that amount of time that it took to understand what exactly was happening, especially since the Doctor only appeared for a few minutes in the entire program.

Still, I wish that we had been able to have this has part of our transmedia Dr. Who experience.

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