First Post

So. This is my first post. First, I shall talk a bit about myself. I’m Nathan Gregory, and I’m a junior at Trinity University. I come from Houston, and although I’m not a huge Texas person, I do like my home and San Antonio is not bad itself.

I am majoring in Drama and Communications and I am also working on a minor in Film Studies. I like what I’m studying. Mostly because I am very much into watching movies and thinking about them. I also like to watch television shows. My most recent ongoing obsession is The West Wing. My sister introduced me to the show, and I’ve been stealing her seasons on DVD ever since. Before that, I caught up on 30 Rock and have been a loyal watcher ever since. And in the midst of those two, I got into Entourage. Yes, it is a somewhat callous and vapid show about dudes who are simply dudes, but it has some very entertaining characters and the movie talk gets me excited.

So this is why I am in Transmedia storytelling. Also, because I am a fan of graphic novels in a somewhat mild form. I’m not a comic book hoarder, but I have read my fair share of comics and I continue to do so. I like the idea of looking at all facets of the narrative media at once. I think this class will be a neat experience, and a bit of a challenging one in some ways. (I’m not a video game person. Blame my parents).

So, I’m signing off. Bye.


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