I would like you to meet Andrew Soares

Hello there!

My name is Andrew Soares. I am currently a junior at Trinity University and plan on graduating in May 2012. I have one older sister named Robin that just graduated from Baylor University, and one little sister named Marissa who just started high school. I hail from the quaint Houston suburb of Sugar Land, Texas, where I have lived all my life.

Where to start? Oh yeah, soccer is pretty much what my  life revolves around and the rest is devoured by the educational system that is Trinity University.I play on the Trinity men’s soccer team, and am very proud of it. Come out and watch us play! However I do have other hobbies other than soccer that I manage to sneak into my busy life. Among those hobbies  are reading novels, religiously listening to hip hop music, and also I am a somewhat television and movie junkie.

Telling and reading well constructed stories with ingenious plots is something I enjoy very much. I always admire the creative minds behind movies such as Inception, Memento, and television series such as Entourage and The Office and other clever plots. By taking Transmedia Storytelling, I hope I am able to develop the skills and concrete background needed to pursue a career in this field and other related areas.  Other potential career fields I am interested in include marketing, public relations, and advertising.

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