The Art of Awkward Introductions

My name is Benjamin Patton Haworth, but then again you probably knew that didn’t you. Did you know that when I write I use the writing name Benjamin P. Haworth. You did? What else do you know? What?! Jesus, I gotta up my privacy settings. Wait why I’m I still having a conversation with myself…

Okay, so yeah in case you never realized I am a writer. Well I guess I am, but what does that really mean? I haven’t been published. I haven’t sold a script, but I’ve tried…okay no I haven’t but I will…maybe. So what am I, a writer-to-be-hopeful? Well that’s what I am.

I grew up attached to the television so much that my parents were chastised for years for “ruining my childhood” with television. It’s odd really that when you are a kid an attachment to TV is a dangerous addiction but as an adult it’s a future career choice. Then again when your favorite show shifts from Power Rangers to Breaking Bad the legitimacy of your free time may increase. Slightly. So an addiction became a waste and then became a obsession and then became a passion. Now I watch television and film with an insatiable appetite. It has become one of the few things that has come to define my life as a whole. If anything I know that my life will be lived to contribute to those incredible mediums.

The one thing that has brought me to this moment, this singular point when I decided that I have to be a part of the film and television industry, has always been the craft of storytelling. When a story hits me in just the right way it’s simply incredible. I could make some sort of metaphor comparing it to a dance or something, but the simple truth is that any way to define the truly indefinable appeal of excellent story telling is meaningless and would appear ludicrous. There really is nothing quite like it. There are just moments, so brief that they can be gone before I even realize them, that capture every moment of my life and my beliefs in a shot or a sentence or a song. That is the value of story.

The stories that I have been attached to are ones that are truly universal. For example, look at the incredible story of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Here is a story that has been told in almost every medium known to man. It has been painted, portrayed on the radio, been produced as dozens of films, a miniseries, an animated series, and even been made into arguably the best musical of all time. Yet no matter how many times I hear this story and no matter what is changed this story affects me every single time. It’s thematic elements of revenge, love, war, and the ability/inability to escape the past is still just as powerful as it was almost 150 years. That is the power of a great story. It simply is timeless.

This is why I am so curious about this class. The greatest affirmation to a story is that it can exist in almost any medium. Storytelling extends time, place, class, race, religion, gender, sex, and age. It is permanent. Les Miserables will be Les Miserables till the last scarp of paper that holds its words vainish into the universe. Who could ask for a better acheivement than that?

Also to get everyone riled up for the new year here’s my favorite pump up video.

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