My name is Robin Murdoch. I’m a junior at Trinity (OH MY GOD I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW I GO THERE) and am majoring in Communications and minoring in Classics. I hope to one day be able to communicate with Ancient cities.

I enjoy many things. Which is fortunate, because that means that i tend to enjoy life. Which is something that i find to be a necessity when one goes about living…
Things i enjoy even more than most other things are: music (not playing it. other people don’t enjoy when i do that) animals (c’mon… they’re so much cuter than we are. Either cuter or much more interesting) anything that’s colorful (NEON), and basically just having a good time.

I hail from the hellhole known as Houston, Texas, where the weather was chosen by Lucifer himself, and the air is damp with the souls of the dead. (It honestly feels that way sometimes.) My parents, however, are from Ireland. Why did they move from such a beautiful country to a swamp? Oil, of course!

And now, because there is a man outside my window mowing the grass loudly, i will bid you adieu. The noise is messing with my brainwaves (ha.)


About niborhcodrum

People tell me I remind them of a chipmunk. I've never really known how to feel about that...
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