Hey guys,

If you’re reading this you’re probably in my Transmedia Story Telling class. My name is Erica Jones.  I’m from a suburb of Dallas called Flower Mound.  I’m a junior business and communication major. I want to get a job in public relations or advertising. Or any job really that funds my love for traveling, desserts, and cooking.

I like indie music and the occasional crossword puzzle. Trashy TV, such as Jersey Shore, fills much of more of my time than it deserves, but it’s just so funny. I love swimming, especially in salt water pools. This summer, I got really interested into obscure movies that I stumbled over on the movie channels at my parent’s house.

I’m not a fan of avocados, unless it’s in the form of guacamole. Or anything Rachel Ray says or does.

My interests in advertising first attracted me to this class, since I think that all advertising will transcend at least one medium. I’m in no way a gamer or comic book person but I’m looking forward to analyzing how those stories are told.

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