Oh hey. My name is Claire Murphy-Cook and I am begrudgingly beginning my Senior year. I am a History major from the glorious Seattle, Washington.

I just completed my first full summer in the Texas heat, surviving mainly on frozen grapes and breakfast tacos. During the day I worked as the Development Intern at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on the Westside. It was the first summer that I haven’t worked a customer service job and I missed coming home with crazy stories, but have learned to greatly appreciate real weekends.

This time last year I was preparing to spend the semester abroad in Budapest, Hungary. It was one of the most exciting, interesting and humbling experiences of my life. While my Hungarian ability remains significantly below fluent, I did pick up an intense desire for paprika and often find myself stress cooking goulash on lazy weekends. I like to listen to music at unreasonable volumes, especially in my car and have already accepted my eventual hearing loss. I think that life is slightly less interesting without a soundtrack and have trouble functioning in total silence. Although I have come to love the Austin scene over the past three years, I deeply believe that Seattle produces the best music in the world.

While I am not very informed or interested in gaming or science fiction (though I did once work at the Science Fiction Hall of Fame) I am very interested in the idea of storytelling, especially non linear and documentary styles. This semester I hope to learn a little more about different kinds of storytelling and hopefully gain some experience on some different computer programs.

If I could own anything, I would own a circus.

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