Well hello there

I’m Wendy Hernandez. I am a Senior here at TU and am majoring in Marketing and Communication. I am a McNair Scholar and do research in the summer, President and Captain of the Trinity Women’s Lacrosse team, Co-chair of Student Conduct Board, and a member of SPURS sorority. I am originally from Houston or Htown as I like to call it, not a shorter name but I think it makes it sound cooler than it actually is. However, I feel like I should be from Austin or the Bay area because I love both and want to live there. I am an only child and if I ever show symptoms of an only child please smack me. The most important things for me are life, faith, hope, friends, family, and love.

Some facts about me: I am Mexican, (modern/new) catholic, 5’1, about 105/110lbs, speak Spanish and English and can understand some French since I took it for 4/5 years, I played the flute from 5th-8th grade, I went to state semis in debate my sophomore year of high school, I have played lacrosse for 8 years, I am obsessed with Harry Potter, and I LOVE Bob Marley.

My goals in life are to go to grad school and get my PhD in Marketing. After that, I want to work for a company and gain some first hand experience so that when I am teaching I actually know what I am talking about. I am also a HUGE runner and love working out. One day I hope to participate in and complete an Iron Man Triathlon.

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