This is Me

Hello all.  I’m Andrew Hoing from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I am currently a senior Communication major at Trinity University.  I play on the tennis team here and am an RM on Beze second.

I am a sports nut (I just had my fantasy football draft yesterday).  I love all sorts of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.  I like music (Portugal. the Man, the Decemberists, and Broken Bells are some of my favorites).  Unfortunately I have no musical talent myself.  I like to cook, play Wayne Gretzky 3D hockey on N64, and drink from my Nalgene bottle.  I always set my alarm clock to palindromes (like 8:48).  I enjoy books by Chuck Klosterman, mokey portraits, and eating alfajores.

I dislike when people misuse the word “literally” (like, my head literally exploded).  It bothers me when animals wear clothes and when people get really nice cars in really ugly colors.  I don’t like cheese, and I absolutely hate the band Nickleback.  They are quite simply the most awful thing on the planet.

I am in no way a gamer or sci-fi junkie, however; I do take particular interest in how the idea of transmedia storytelling applies to both sports and cooking.  I am a big fan of the Food Network, and it fascinates me how chefs have become superstars through TV shows, cookbooks, and interactive webcasts.

(Really, the only reason I took this class is because Delwiche was teaching it.)

Looking forward to a great semester.

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  1. What on earth are alfajores?

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