Number One: Introductory Post

Okay well, hi. My name’s Laura. I’m a junior and I find writing introduction posts super awkward.

That being said, I’m a double major in Communication and Classical Studies. I’m originally from Dallas. I work on the TigerTV show Studio 21 as Associate Producer and I will shamelessly plug that we’re having auditions for Studio 21′s on-camera host Thursday September 2nd. Come audition. I also write for website called Check it out. It’s awesome. Oh, and I also have a side project going on which you should check out because it’s also awesome. It’s a blog that my best friend and I are going to keep over the next year while she’s in Paris and I’m in Texas. Read the “About” pages and it’ll make more sense.

As far as storytelling goes, I absolutely adore and admire anything that Joss Whedon creates. Comics, TV shows, movies. If y’all don’t know who he is, then you should. He’s created shows such as Buffy the Vampire SlayerDollhouse, and Firefly. He has his hands in all kinds of comic book things, mostly Marvel. He’s currently the director of the Marvel movie The Avengers and has been working with the scripts of the Captain America and Thor movies. Basically he’s a storytelling genius and if you don’t believe me, watchDollhouse.

As for what stories I’m reading/watching now… I’m working my way through Whedon’sFirefly, which is awesome. Obviously. I’m also reading a comic book series called The Runaways. Not to be confused with the stupid movie with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart (boohissTwilight). It’s a pretty good series. Plus there’s a velociraptor in it, which is pretty cool. I’ve also recently started watching Alias from its first season. Plus there’s all of the other current shows that I’m watching which are way too numerous to list.

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