My First Post, or a hidden ARG clue?

Hey everybody, my name is Shep McAllister and I’m a junior Communication/Political Science major here at Trinity. In my spare time I’m the editor of–check it out :)–and an Interactive Marketing Associate with the San Antonio Spurs, whatever that means.

Okay, boring stuff’s out of the way now.  I’ve always appreciated good storytelling in television and movies, and love that a lot of my favorite franchises add new layers to their stories through different media.  Last summer I watched the entire series of Jericho and fell in love, to the point where I felt real sadness when characters died.  When I saw that they were going to continue the story in a series of comic books, I did something I had never done before…I bought a comic book.  A few years ago I was really enthralled with the Matrix series, so I spent $50 on the decidedly lackluster Matrix video game just to get the hour of bonus footage.

So while I love following my favorite shows and movies as they move into different media, so far I haven’t gone so far as to actually participate actively.  I’ll consume media like a champ, but I guess I’m just too lazy to participate in an ARG. I’m sure if I tried one though I could get into it.

I’m really looking forward to this class to explore these topics further, and also to improve my own fiction-creating abilities.  I do a lot of writing, but very little fiction, so hopefully I’ll get to expose myself to new things and give my creativity a good workout.


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Junior at Trinity University. Editor of
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