just a little intro

My name is Haley Royer, and I’m now a junior at Trinity. This idea still frightens me a bit; it seems like only yesterday I was a silly freshman wandering around campus for over thirty minutes trying to find Moody Engineering Building and somehow ending up at Coates.

I’m from Grapevine, Texas, which is one of the many suburbs of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. I have three older brothers, one of which just had his first child, so I’m an aunt! It’s pretty exciting, but definitely a little scary to think of my parents as grandparents. I love reading, watching movies, hiking, photography, and hanging out with my friends. I’m a Comm major, but I’m also hoping to minor in Chemistry and Biology. Sounds strange I know, but I want to go to grad school for Nutritional Sciences, so I need certain pre-requisites.

I’m excited to see how this class works out, since I’m pretty much confined to books, movies, and TV shows when it comes to storytelling. The only video games I’ve played are Super Mario Bros and MarioKart. Oh, and Sims on the computer. I’ve also never had a blog, so this should be interesting!

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