Triple Seven Five/349×10 012/Acorn

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If you manage to reach me in this distant future, I will tell you all about how everything ended up. Oh, and I could do with an air corridor.

Since most of you won’t  reach my destination, however, I shall inform you of all the relevant details, excluding the spoilers.

My name is Evan Barnett, and I am now a junior at Trinity University. I am a computer science major interested in pursuing a communications minor. I am an avid gamer, and I eventually want to design games.

What really interests me about transmedia storytelling is how to incorporate different forms of media in a narrative that is primarily resolved in a game. The best example of this phenomenon is Dead Space, an original IP from Visceral Games, which began its story in comic book form before the game released, continued the story in movie form, and then finished the initial narrative with the actual game. The amazing part is that I was completely drawn in by the comics, which only served to make me excited for the game, even though I had never heard of it before. That kind of reaction, plus the ability to explore different forms of story telling, are what make me extremely interested in this class.

Another thing that really piques my interest is how to best convert a story to another medium. There are several games I wish were movies, or comics I wish were movies, or movies I wish were games, and I think learning how the narratives relate and must change is one of the, if not the, most important aspects of transposing the overall experience from one medium to the next.

Finishing right up, I have a Games for the Web blog here. I also run a personal blog called The Book of Eibon.


About Evan

I'm a guy who does social media things for video games with an interest in games, online communities, and media messages. I like playing and thinking about games.
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