I am very interesting and important… maybe.

Hi friends, my name is Lindsay Landgraf. I’m a senior drama/communication double major from Fort Worth. I like my hair to be big, my Diet Coke to be in a cup on ice, and my life to be busy.

I’m involved with ResLife, Tiger TV, TUPS (the weird drama kids – come on, you know we’re fun), Chamber Singers, Trinity Choir, Acabellas and Sigma Theta Tau sorority. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do after graduation, and the simple answer is that I have no idea.

I go camping with my family in Colorado every year over the 4th of July. My family is very important to me, and I talk to my mom generally 3 times a day. I have an unnatural obsession with sharks. I’m going to swim with them before I die (though I might actually die in the process). I want to travel. Foreign cultures fascinate me. For Spring Break this year I went to China. It was absolutely incredible, and I’d love love LOVE to go again. Plus basically everywhere else in the world.

The only storytelling I know of is that which takes place onstage (my favorite), on TV or in books. Not a huge video game fan – my brothers would never share the controls, so I just gave up. I worked in a digital PR office in Dallas all summer, so I am familiar with blogging. This should be fun! I’m excited to see what this class becomes over the course of the semester. Go team.


About Lindsay @ TheWifeInTraining.com

Newlywed. Wannabe chef. Sass in a (wine) glass. Writing with panache at #TheWifeInTraining and @ClubCorp.
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