I am here

I suppose a fresh introduction is in order before I start another blog off.

My name is Cole Gray and I was born in Austin, Texas on June 26th 1989.  I’m currently 21 years old and am attending Trinity University as a Junior.  I’m planning on double majoring in Communications and Environmental Studies (it’s in the process of moving from a strictly minor field of study to a comprehensive major).  I also have a twin brother named Travis who also goes to Trinity.  He’s double majoring in History and Religion.

I am a voracious reader and make it a point to read at least fifty pages of text every day (with school reading material I quite often go well beyond this number of pages).  My favorite authors are Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Kafka, Nietzsche, Hemmingway and William Faulkner but I also read as well as memorize poetry for fun and read a comic or two occasionally.  Whether novels, comics, video games or poetry nothing fascinates me more than the ways in which a good story can be told and the ways in which people give life to their ideas.

As a passionate reader and writer I have an intense devotion to the art of storytelling so I am extremely interested in learning how the boundaries of narrative and plot structure are being pushed past their traditional limitations through the development of new mediums and blending within established media.  Indeed, the media landscape is evolving and growing at such an unprecedented rate, continually generating new and varied ways in which to expend our creative energies, that there is quite literally no limit to the stories that can now be told and the ways in which we tell them.  With such a wide breadth of mediums at our disposal it is truly an extraordinary time to be a story-teller and I hope that this course will afford us the knowledge to understand and take part in it all.

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