My Introduction

Hi, my name is Kristen Mancillas. I am a junior and a studio art major, and am interested in a film studies minor. This is my first ever blog. I’ve never been one to be up-to-date technology-wise. I did get a Facebook page right before coming to college, but I must confess that I got it so that I could get a glimpse at my roommate! My friends always bug me because I only sign on to Facebook about twice a month or to add an occasional friend (I’m up in the thirties now!). So, this should be interesting.

I have always loved stories. Ok, pretty vague statement, but it is true. I love reading and watching movies and television, and I love art. I also love that there are so many different kinds of media now through which one can tell a story. That being said, I don’t often consume stories in ways other than those I listed. I don’t read comics or play videogames (except for Mortal Combat on my brother’s Dreamcast when I was little). I have also never been much of a storyteller. Not with words anyway, but I do like to tell stories through my art.

In this class I look forward to consuming stories in ways I never would have otherwise. Also, I am excited to have the opportunity to create narratives of my own. I think it is fascinating just how much certain stories have transcended their original medium, and I am excited to learn more about these throughout the semester.

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