LJ, A Blurb: A little piece of Lyndsey Johnson

Although this blog is required for one of my college classes, I’m seriously considering keeping up with my own for a while. I know EVERYONE has a blog (even the Dean of Students) so why not?!

Me and My Dog Skypin'

Me and My Dog Skypin'

I’m Lyndsey Johnson. I’d say I’m a pretty cool kid. I am a double major in Art (digital photography) and Communication (Film) at Trinity University. Sometimes I think of everything that I do on a day-to-day basis and I wonder why I’m not insane. There’s the TV show I executive produce, my web master job for TigerTV, I’m a Resident Assistant for sophomores, I play handbells, percussion in the Orchestra, Secretary for Trinity’s Bad Movie Club, oh… and I’m taking 18 hours this semester. Geez.

I love telling stories, whether it’s through my photography or films. I am fascinated by the way some people have a way with words. That’s my weakest point as far as storytelling goes. I have an idea in my head but it’s very difficult for me to convey it into sentences. It’s easier for me to draw it out or explain it by talking. I extremely respect writers and screenplayers for I see their work as very challenging but also of form of artistry. I am excited for this class because I feel as though I can get a look at how others convey stories that is different from my own, such as radio, script, or comics. It’s always exciting to learn new things.

This is my fourth class in a row with Dr. Delwiche, and if it’s anything like his other courses, then it’s going to be an awesome semester. He always assigns cool projects that make you think outside the box and they let you bring out your own ideas and creativity. Looking at the syllabus, I can tell that my decision to take yet another Delwiche class was worth it.

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