Let’s consume stories

What does Delwiche mean by consuming stories?  In the syllabus, the final project will promote the class’ consumption of each others stories.  And did anyone notice in class he specifically said the words, “consume stories?”

There must be something to this.

I tried thinking about it and I can only relate consuming stories to consuming food biologically.

Simply put, we orally eat and digest food.  I cannot consume food through my ears, or nose, or belly button — although that’d be something.

On the other hand, consuming stories (let’s keep transmedia in mind, too) can occur through multiple channels or outlets (rather, inlets?).  Prior to the radio, stories were consumed often in circles, around camp fires.  Then radio enabled more people to consume stories through hearing and imagination.

Granted, I am no expert, but my point is: how do we consume stories?  What factors influence the consumption of stories?

As we study the transmedia experience, I’ll find much interest in observing, comparing, and analyzing how stories are consumed.

I’m Mark btw, and I study history and communications and I am an avid golfer and an instrument-rated private pilot.

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