Another Intro

My name is Matt Kafoury (kuh-4-e). I am a sophomore from St. Louis, MO. I haven’t officially declared a major yet, but I plan on being a communications major with a possible double major in sociology. I’m very interested in advertising, film, books, and television. I also write for the Viva section of the Trinitonian.

I took this class because I love consuming stories through the traditional media mentioned above and look forward to learning about other forms of storytelling (video games, comics). Some of my favorite stories (Harry Potter, “Lost”) span a variety of media that I haven’t explored, so I hope that this class will make those other storytelling methods more accessible. I’ve always been aware of the communities of fans that experience shows like “Lost” through video games and websites, but I’ve never really looked into those options before.

My writing experience so far has been limited to journalistic and academic writing so I’m interested in seeing how I handle narrative formation and fictional writing. Despite my passion for other people’s stories, I’m not very creative when it comes to my own writing, but hopefully I’ll be up to the challenge.

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